Our Friday Five // Jamie Edition

01 // Spiders!!
I like them when they look like this (and they're fake)

02 // My newest Blurb books
i recently ordered 3 more blurb books. 2004 - 2006. back then, i didn't do my family blog, so these books are mostly photos with very little journaling. made me realize how important it is to write things down before they're forgotten. 
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i love every single little detail. go check it all out.

04 // Summertime Sadness
i love this version so much more than the remix they play on the radio.

05 // Michael's 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge
we are so excited to be participating again this year. the three of us have spent hours wandering the aisles of our michael's stores already. we can't wait to start decorating our tree. see what we did last year.

• Did you know Michaels has a large selection of pre-lit artificial trees all the way up to 9 ft.?
• They come in different shapes, from skinny to full and in-between with some smaller trees coming in different color options. 
• Each tree purchased at Michaels comes with a 5 year tree warranty and a 2 year warranty on the lights.
• Stop by your local Michaels November 3rd through November 9th for a special tree event!

What's on your list this week?


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