Sink your teeth into these treats

Last year, I came across this idea on Pinterest and decided, at the last minute, to make them for my son's class. The kids all thought they were great.

Because they were so cute and easy, it was a must for me to make them again this year. This time I decided to just do half a dozen donuts, add a tag and deliver them to friends and neighbors. 

What you'll need:

• donuts  • plastic teeth (the smaller the better)  • candy eyeballs  • tag download (below)  • twine

just insert the plastic teeth, gently push the eyeballs on top, back the tag in black cardstock, adhere to the top of the donut box, wrap with twine and deliver!!

Download the full 8.5x11 tag HERE.

Or you download an 8.5x11 sheet with 4x3 tags HERE and attach to any kind of sweet treat.
Make sure to include those plastic teeth.

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