Christmas in the Kitchen with World Market

One of our most favorite places to shop (especially around the holidays) is World Market! We can easily spend 2-3 hours in there just browsing the aisles. AND there is always so many choices when it comes to picking up a tasty treat for the ride home.  (;

We are excited to be teaming up with 13 friends to share how we each brought a little World Market fun into our kitchens! Plus included in each post you'll get an added bonus of a free printable or a yummy recipe. Score! 

Take a few minutes to visit each blog and see their kitchens. There are so many fun ideas being shared... you're gonna love getting a peek into each of their homes! 

Here are the treasures we picked up....

Kay... we have to start with this ADORABLE Red Car with Holiday Tree Cookie jar.... and guys.... it's only $12.99. No joke! I'm just absolutely in love with it. I think I'm going to give one to all my friends this year. 

I also have a slight addiction to cake plates. So I brought home 2 of these Ivory Scalloped Metal Pedestals. One small and one large. I'll be using these so much all year long! I topped the small sized one with this Retro Paper House. There's a little opening in the back so you can slide in an LED tealight and it looks so sweet with the light shining through the windows. 

I usually have a topiary on each side of the sink, but I love switching them out with these Pre-Lit Red Berry Trees. One of my best tips for Christmas decorating is to use timers for everything that plugs in. I just love not having to plug and unplug everything everyday. 

Now that you've gotten a little peek into my kitchen. I wanted to share our Christmas Salsa that we make each year. It's a tradition to have delicious enchiladas and chips & salsa on Christmas Eve. Then of course we have our family talent show and it's always one of my most favorite nights of the year.

Christmas Salsa
- 2 (28 oz) cans of petite diced tomatoes 
- 2 (14.5 oz) cans of diced tomatoes with zesty mild chilies
- 1 medium sweet yellow onion
- 1-2 jalapenos (depending on how hot you like it)
- 4-5 limes
- 1-2 bunches of cilantro
- 3-4 avocados
- salt

Pour all your tomatoes (including juice) into a large bowl. Heat a small pan of boiling water and let your jalapenos cook for about 2 minutes. Then add your diced onion, the juice of your limes, the chopped cilantro, the chopped jalapenos and salt to the bowl. Stir it. Then cut your avocados into small pieces and add them to your bowl. Give it a little taste test and see if it needs more salt. Then enjoy! 

This is a great neighbor/friend gift. It's a welcomed change from all the sweets you get around the holidays. Shown here are festive red & green tortillas chips (also found at World Market) in my pretty new Red Stripe Terracotta Mixing Bowl. Then my salsa is in this great Glass Canister. The perfect size to deliver with a bag of chips! 

I hope you have enjoyed getting a little look into my kitchen. You're welcome back anytime. :)

[We received a World Market gift certificate in exchange for writing this post. All thoughts & opinions are our own.]

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