[our friday five] jen edition


01 | old faithful.
what a sight. our family spent one week in the beautiful yellowstone national park and it was just amazing. you should go. :)

i knew every single word to this song as a teenager. even though it meant i had to rewind and play. rewind and play the tape 1645 times.
Funny Breakup Ecard: Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie.

03 | Halloween
i have halloween on my brain... and i just love these costume awards made out of dollar store skeletons by mizerella.

04 | LOVE... this idea from my friend Landee
what kid wouldn't feel like a rockstar with these hanging in their house??

05 | SPOokTacuLaR SeptEMBer
just 7 short days until the fun begins... and i just can't wait!!

. . .

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