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This year as I reluctantly packed up all 10 boxes of my Halloween Decorations, I pulled out my one measley box of fall/Thanksgiving decor.

Yes, you read that right.  One box.  And what was in there didn't excite me in any way shape or form.  It's no wonder that in the past I have just left that one box just packed in the garage and gone right for the Christmas Decorations.  But this year, I have a curious 5 year old who wants to know and learn anything and everything about anything and everything. Especially Thanksgiving.  

"Who are Pilgrims? And Where did the Indians come from? And why did they eat Turkey? Don't they know chicken nuggets taste WAY better?"

Clearly I haven't done my job at teaching him what Thanksgiving is really all about.  So I am holding off on decking our halls, and made some new decorations this last week to remind us why  we celebrate Thanksgiving.  

I started by designing a new print to go up on my mantle.  

Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart Free Print

I hope you aren't tired of the chalk art craze.  Because I certainly am not! It's probably becuase I have a deep rooted love for most things black and white just like chalk art.  It goes with everything, including this lovely gold frame I just picked up at Target.  

This Print can be printed up to 11x14 (like you see here)  or any size smaller.  

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

[All Prints designed by DavesWife are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. That includes at boutiques and other craft venues.If using these on the internet please link back to]

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Free Print Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

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