Halloween Treat Containers

Hello!! It's great to be back at Eighteen25 for their annual Spooktacular September. I'm not sure how many years I've been doing this fun annual party. But I love it and enjoy seeing everyone's awesome talent! I am Toni from Design Dazzle. Where we share ideas and inspiration for celebrating childhood - kids parties, room decor, crafts, holiday ideas, DIY and more.


Today I'm sharing an INEXPENSIVE Halloween treat container. This DIY project is easy! And look how cute it is? I make these gift containers using Peat Pots which can be found at the hardware store, Wal-Mart, Home Depot or here for rather cheap. These little pots are biodegradable and are made to transplant seedlings. Unlike a clay pot they are lightweight and don't break when you drop them. With our free printable and some Halloween treats to top it off you will have a darling and fun gift to hand out to your neighbors or friends or your child's school teacher.

Friends, these are super simple and super cheap!! I love that!

supplies 2


Peat Pot - 3 or 4" in height ( I used the larger ones at 4" high)
roll of black crepe paper
pipe cleaners
craft paint - I used a warm white
foam brush


glue gun

step 1


1. Paint the peat pot with a creamy color craft paint. I paint the outside only. Let dry.

2. Using your fingers "pleat or ruffle" the crepe paper and hot glue to the inside of the peat pot. Glue about 1/2 inch below the top rim. Go all the way around the perimeter of the pot. I did a 2nd ruffle to add height.

3. Glue the ribbon around the top of the pot.

4. Use 3 pipe cleaners and "braid" them together. Braiding creates strength and a thicker handle. Wrap the ribbon around the pipe cleaners using hot glue as you go.

5. Hot glue the pipe cleaner/ribbon handle to the top inside of the pot.

6. Cut out the witches hat or other printable and attach with glue to the front.

The white ruffles shown are coffee filters placed inside the pot. They make a good filler to place treats inside.
Fill the treat container with your favorite goodies.

Go here to receive the free Witch Hat Printable

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