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Hello readers of Eighteen25!!! It's so great to be here! As you all know, these ladies are talented AND sweet! I've always been impressed with how kind they are in person as well as on their blog. CLASSY!! Thanks for having me here! It's always fun to get a jump start on Halloween since it IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. This banner is super easy.

  • Krylon Glitter Blast (Golden Glow)
  • 4 pieces of 12x12 chipboard
  • 8' of ribbon of choice...mine at Hairbow Supplies the 1" size and "Black Candy" color
  • cutting machine - I use the amazing Cricut Explore
  • Clothes pins (mine were already spray glittered with silver glitter spray) If yours aren't yet, add them to the spray glitter list in Step 2.

STEP 1: Choose your font and cut out all your letters on your cutting machine. I used the font "Coluna" from one of the free font sites. I also cut them out at about 10.5" tall. You could also cut them out with good scissors if you had to and also make them any
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Glitter Spooky Banner2

Glitter Spooky Banner1

STEP 2: Spray Glitter those suckers! The trick to getting a nice sheen on letters like this is to hold the glitter spray about 24" away from the letter so it never has the chance to ball up and drip. I did all the spraying at once and didn't wait for anything to dry. You can do this as long as you aren't holding it too close, as in, closer than 24". Let them dry.

Glitter Spooky Banner7

STEP 3: Pin those babies to the ribbon and hang it up! I just eyeball this part. (picture below is before I sprayed them to see which I liked better). Everything looks better with a little bling.
Glitter Spooky Banner4
Glitter Spooky Banner1

Sit on your couch with a Diet Coke and ENJOY!!!! Enjoy my dusty fireplace too, who has time to dust anyway!

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Thanks so much for having me here!!!!!

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