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Don't you just love Spooktacular September?! It has always been one of the highlights of my blog reading year and I am thrilled to be participating in it again this year! I am McKenzie from the blog, Girl Loves Glam. Halloween has always been one of my very favorite holidays! I absolutely love to deck out my house in Halloween decor and dress up as a family!

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When I decorate for Halloween, I try to make it unique. I am not a fan of scary Halloween decorations, nor am I a fan of super cutesy decorations either. I like to give my DIY Halloween decor a little funk and a little taste of modern. That is exactly what I had in mind when I created this geometric pumpkin art!

Leather and Lace Geometric Pumpkin Art Halloween Tutorial from

I love the contrasting colors and the modern feel the shapes and the leather give it while the lace makes it feel a little Gothic. They are very easy to make too!

You will need...

Geometric Pumpkin Art supplies from

I found everything for these at the craft store.

• 3 square pieces of wood
• 3 pieces of wood cut into different shapes
• 3 different colors of leather
• Lace (enough to wrap around your big square pieces of wood)
• E6000 glue
• Purple and orange paint

Painted wood pieces for Halloween decor from

First, paint your big square pieces purple and your smaller geometric pieces orange. The purple paint job doesn't need to be perfect at all because you will be covering it up with lace and won't be able to see most of it.

Halloween lace wrapped artwork from

Cut your lace to fit each square and wrap the edges around it. Glue the edges down with your E6000 and let them dry.

Leather and Lace Halloween Pumpkin Art from

Cut out shapes for the stems out of the leather and glue them to the backs of the orange shapes to create your pumpkins. Glue the pumpkins onto the lace covered square and let them dry. I suggest putting something heavy on top of them so that they can adhere very well.

Geometric Pumpkin Artwork Halloween Decor from

Now hang them up however you please! I chose to hang them up with Command Strips because they are so easy to take off of the wall since this is a temporary decoration for my house. Aren't they just perfect though?

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Thank you so much for letting me celebrate Spooktacular September with you!


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