[DISNEY WEEK] Mickey Mouse Munch

Here is a yummy treat to make for your next Disney trip.
Enjoy it on the drive/flight to Disneyland
or enjoy it in the hotel at night after a long, fun day at the park.


Mickey Mouse Munch Recipe

  • 2 large bowls of white popcorn (air popped)
  • 1 bag of white candy melts chocolate (melted)
  • candy melts chocolate to drizzle in your color of choice (we used red + yellow)
  • plain mini m&m's

  • Pour half of the melted chocolate into each of the 2 bowls of popcorn. It will not seem like enough chocolate but continue to stir (for a few minutes) until the popcorn is just coated (too much chocolate will make your popcorn soggy).
  • Before your popcorn dries, spread it out onto some wax paper and sprinkle in the mini m&m's.
  • After the popcorn is dry, melt your chocolate to drizzle and pour it into a Ziploc bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and drizzle the colored chocolate over your popcorn.
  • Let it dry again and bag it up into small cellophane bags or bags of your choice.
To add a special Disney touch, attach the Mickey Mouse Munch tag.
Download the 5x7 sheet HERE.
You can round the corners of your tag.
Then punch a hole in the top and tie onto your cellophane bag with black ribbon.

What's your favorite Disney treat?


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