[DISNEY WEEK] Disney Savings Jars + NEW Silhouette Promotion

We're pretty excited about the new Silhouette promotion going on right now.
It involves VINYL.
But, first we wanted to share a really fun Disney project using the vinyl...

(or as Jen likes to call it, CHURRO FUND)

• Disney figurine (found ours at the Dollar Tree)
• large jar
• Vinyl and Transfer Paper
• primer
• spray paint
• E6000 or other strong glue

• screw the lid onto the jar and glue the figure on so it faces the front
• spray the primer onto the lid and figurine
• once that is dry, give a good coat of spray paint
• cut your letters out of vinyl using the Silhouette - you can just cut out the words, or place a box around them
• using the transfer paper, apply the vinyl to the front of your jar

Now start saving!!

For saying options, we used:
Disney Savings
Mickey Moola
Churro Fund
Disney Dollars

What fun saying will you add to your jar?


Now is the perfect time to stock up on Premium 9"x10' Vinyl.
(The cost used to be $14.99 and was reduced to $9.99. With 25% off that, you're getting a HUGE discount.)

To take advantage of these great deals go
HERE and use the code eighteen25 at checkout.

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