so we are what most people call

Disney Die Hards!

I think that should be the next button Disney makes. yea you got your cute 1st visit button and the It's my Birthday buttons, but the Disney Die Hard button... now that is a great idea. There could be a quiz and everything you should have to pass to get one. I think I'm on to something here. :)

We've put together some Disney Fun Tips for you. Hope you enjoy them!

 • Jennifer • 

01 | always.. always take the time to see the billy hill and the hillbillies show! it's the perfect spot to sit down, rest your feet and have a meal. plus the show is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.!!

02 | have a churro or frozen banana everyday. it's a rule! if you are an over achiever like me have both!

03 | if you have a tiny freezer in your tiny fridge at your hotel, freeze as many water bottles as you can, to take into the park. it's also good to know that anywhere that serves fountain drinks in the park will give you free ice water.
04 | our favorite spots to sit for the parades are in front of the candy shop or the ice cream shop. for obvious reasons. :)

05 | make sure to get one special keepsake. traditional mickey hats. an autograph book. a collectible pin. something to take home and remember your trip by.

 • Jamie • 

01 | take advantage of the extra magic hour if you're staying in one of the disneyland resort hotels. you get early admission, to select attractions, in either park one hour before they open to the public.

02 | when you're looking for a really good meal, my favorite spots are big thunder ranch bbq (disneyland), ralph brennan's jazz kitchen (downtown disney) and pacific wharf cafe (california adventure).

03 | when you're thinking about a trip to disney, order yourself a free vacation planning dvd to watch ahead of time (even if you've been several times before). watching the dvd with my kiddos gets us all really excited for an upcoming trip.

04 | on the walk back to the hotel at night, grab a bag of kettle corn, an ice-cream cone from haagen-dazs, a treat from marceline's confectionery or all three. ;) (all can be found in downtown disney)

05 | set aside some time to explore the redwood creek challenge trail in california adventure. my family had a blast the last time we were there. (and so many times before that, we just walked right on by the thing thinking it wouldn't be that fun)

 • Jodie • 

01|  we always let the kids start a "disney savings" at least a few weeks before our trip. each child gets an envelope that we fill up with monopoly money as they do an extra good deed or chore. quincy likes to spend some of her money on having her face painted.

02 |  to help with costs on your disney trip, use priceline to book your hotel. we can almost always book a 3 1/2 or 4 star for under 75.00 a night (but keep in mind, 4 stars usually have an additional resort fee).

03|  if you want to enjoy a very yummy breakfast, visit steakhouse 55 at the disneyland hotel. my husband looks forward to the eggs benedict each trip and everything else is super yummy too!

04 |  if you have the need for medical attention, there is a disney "hospital" (or first aid) in both parks. my toe nail almost got ripped off (by one of my lovely children) and so i got to visit the first aid at california adventure. it was very impressive!

05 |  if you've been to disneyland too many times or you have some teens to keep entertained, purchase the hidden mickeys book and add a little more fun to your visit. each ride has a hidden mickey and it's so fun to search them out.

06 |  eat at the cafe orleans to enjoy the pommes frites and the monte cristo sandwich (which can easily be shared with a friend).  make sure to ask for some vanilla sauce on the side.  this is the only place at disneyland that gives free refills.

Do you have any fun tips to share?
We'd love to hear!!


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