Glittered Woodland Decor

If there's one thing we love, it's GLITTER.... especially at Christmas. Another thing we love and always find fun is mixing something sparkly and shiny with something rough and natural. So we feel like we have the perfect combination here with our JOY letters.

- J & Y Wood Letters (we found these at Michaels)
- Small Grapevine Wreath
- White Sisal Trees (we grabbed ours in Michael's Christmas Section)
- Mini Deer (also found in Michael's Christmas Section)
- Glitter Glue
- Glitter | Color: Yellow Gold
- Hot Glue & Glue Gun
- Tacky Glue

- Brush a coat of glitter glue onto your wood letters. We only did the tops.
- Sprinkle the glitter over your letters and shake off the excess. 
- While those are drying decorate your grapevine wreath. 

- The sisal trees came with little wood bases. We removed those and dipped the ends in the tacky glue and then stuck them down into the wreath where we wanted them. 
- We also dipped the deer feet into the glue and placed it where we wanted it. 
- Once all the glue is dry, hot glue your wreath onto the front of your letters. 

Now all that's left is to find the perfect spot to display your JOY. We hope it'll put a smile on your face like it does us.

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