Avery Custom Photo Gift Tags

Yesterday we shared a fun way to wrap up those Christmas presents.
And today we are sharing another creative idea that will have the recipients knowing for sure, which presents under the tree are theirs.

We used our favorite Avery tags to make this project a breeze.


• Go to avery.com/print
• Enter the product number - We used 22802 (Printable Tags with Strings).
• When you Select Your Design, choose the Blank & Text Only, then double click on the blank tag.
• On the right hand side of the next page, you'll see a page of tags, right above that select the Edit One. That way you can make each tag different. Or, if you want to do an entire sheet with the same image, leave it on Edit All.
• Now, over on the left hand side of the page, click on Images and From My Computer.
• Select the images you want to use and re-size them to fill the entire tag.
• Once you have all of the tags filled, click on the Preview and Print button and print your sheet. I printed my tags in black & white to match the wrapping paper better.
(Make sure to follow their instructions for printing, you might need to print it on a piece of regular paper first to make sure it lines up properly on the tag sheet. Hold it up into the light to see better. Then, if you need to, make Printer Adjustments)

(wrapping paper and string from michaels)

Do you have a unique way of tagging your Christmas presents?

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