Skeleton Caramel Apple Toppers

The spooktacular is my "go to" source for all things Halloween! The amount of creativity involved is just plain SCARY!  So thanks a ton for letting me hang out today!
This year, I'm sharing a little twist on the caramel apple, a tried and true fall favorite.  Instead of plain old popsicle sticks, or dowels I dressed up my apples with skeletons!

skeleton caramel apples

I found these cuties in the kid's craft area at my local JOANN'S! They could be really fun for finger plays and other such story telling, but I had caramel apple on the brain.  So, $2.99 later, I was ready to get my craft on.

skeleton caramel apples 2

There is actually a mix of boys and girls in bag, but for the skeletons, I used the "boys."  I just spray painted them black to make quick work of it.  I sketched out my skeleton on paper first, to get an idea of how I wanted them, then painted them on.  It's actually easier than it looks if you have the right size paint brush. You just make two little hearts and connect them with a line to make a bone!

skeleton caramel apples 3

These little guys are sturdy enough to fit in my clean apples and form a little apple graveyard.

skeleton caramel apples 4

Now for the caramel layer and chocolate decorating, I will defer you to my lengthy post on caramel apples.  Or maybe you have your own tried and true methods.  I've been experimenting for a few years now, and made hundreds and hundreds (no joke).  I finally got around to jotting down my techniques, so if you are interested, check out....   Caramel Apple Techniques: Gravity Is Your Friend

skelton caramel apples 5

You really could decorate the apples however you wish, but I thought the dark and white chocolate would go well for this one.  I also thought you could make other Halloween characters with the craft sticks and make a whole halloween family (if you're an over-achiever like that).  A witch, a frankenstein, a mummy, a vampire and monster would also look cute on these sticks!  Any character you choose would be a fun part of your next Halloween dessert spread!

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