Jack O'Lantern Nilla Wafers

I get excited each year when Spooktacular September comes around! It's my favorite way to gear up for Halloween. Fall is always such a busy time of year for me, so I try to come up with quick and easy ideas to celebrate.
Jack O'Lantern Nilla Wafer Cookies

This year I altered my Nilla Wafer basketball cookies into Jack O'Lanterns for cute and easy treats for Halloween gatherings.

Mixing Frosting

The Nilla Wafers have a frosting center. I used store-bought vanilla frosting I mixed with food coloring, but feel free to use your favorite frosting recipe.

Drawing Face

Simply draw a face onto Nilla Wafer cookies as shown using a black food marker.

Adding Frosting

Next pipe a small dollop (what a fun word) of frosting onto the bottom of another cookie. Sandwich the two together and the frosting will spread, filling out the cookie. Make sure you just add a little or else it will all just squeeze out of the sides.

Jack O'Lantern Nilla Wafers

And that's it! You could also add a marked cookie onto a store-bought cupcake as a topper for another last minute Halloween treat.

More Halloween Ideas

Stop by my blog at lisastorms.com to view all of my previous Halloween ideas and look out for new ideas coming in October!

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