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Hi eighteen25 friends! My name is Mique and I own Thirty Handmade Days (30daysblog) and the Queen Bee Market. I love love love the eighteen25 girls. They are some of my favorite people. I'm super happy to be here and be a part of another Spooktacular September!

"You are the balm" printable tags + lip balm labels from thirtyhandmadedays.com

I'm always on the hunt for fun Halloween non-candy related friend and school treats. At our school we're not allowed to bring candy which can be a big challenge. This year I designed some cute printable lip balm labels and cards. I went to my 12 year old daughter to get her opinion and she gave them two big thumbs up. So if these can pass my 12 yr old test, I'm pretty sure they can pass with anyone.

"You are the balm" Lip Balm Labels from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

I couldn't help but use the "you are the balm" pun for this printable. I live for a good pun and these were too perfect. I don't love the scary side of Halloween so I used some bright colors and sass.

To make this project you will need:
Simply print out the sheet of lip balm labels and cut along the lines. Peel the label away and adhere to the lip balm tube. Place a glue dot on the back side of the lip balm and attach to the "you are the balm" card. Pass them out to friends and classmates. Ta - da!

Printable Halloween Lip Balm Labels from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Didn't they turn out cute?

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