Friendly Monster Earrings

Hello, I'm Lucy from Craftberry Bush and I'm thrilled to
join Eighteen25 fans as we celebrate Spooktacular September.
I've never been a spooky Halloween type of gal, so today,
 I wanted to share these cute, friendly monsters earrings
(which you can make into charms, rings or even magnets).
What you'll will need:
Various colors of polymer clay
Sharp blade
Ring form
Brush (optional)
Pink chalk pastel (optional)

1. Cover the earring form with clay as shown. 
2. To form the eye, place a small circle in the middle of the monster's forehead. Add a smaller piece of green and then a smaller piece of black on top of the green. 
3. Add horns if desired.
4. With a sharp blade, cut a slit as the mouth.
5. With a toothpick, smooth out the mouth.
6. Take a piece of pink clay and form a small tongue.
7. Make an indentation in the middle of the tongue with the toothpick.
8. Use your brush to apply some of the chalk pastel on the monsters cheeks (optional).
9. Cure as per package instructions. 
You're all done! 
If you are making a charm, follow instructions 2 onward and add an eye hook prior to curing.

Make as many little friends as you'd like and have fun!

Cute, while super fun and easy to make.
Thank you so much for having me today...I hope you enjoyed this little craft.
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