Framed Fabric Pumpkin

Hi everyone, my name is Nora and I have had my blog, Just Make Stuff, for almost ten years now. I am so happy to get to join in on my third Spooktacular September. I have to admit though...I do not love Halloween anywhere near as much as I love all of the fall season. Should I be asked to leave now? I hope not, because I really like Jen, Jodie and Jamie. 

I am guessing some of you reading might join me in my love of season-long decorations too...especially pumpkins. Pumpkins have always been my very favorite, so I crafted one up that can last all the way through Thanksgiving. 

This pumpkin is a perfect, or actually totally imperfect, example of how much I enjoy haphazardly making stuff. I hand-cut orange patterned fabrics into wonky circles and ran them through the sewing machine without a care in the world as it became more wrinkled and uneven. I am sure everyone else could beautifully stitch this into place, but since I cannot, I wholeheartedly embraced the messiness instead...not even trimming off the loose threads. I folded the linen background fabric over an 8x10 inch piece of cardstock and pulled it taunt before carefully stapling the edges in place. Finally I popped it in a frame with the glass taken out.

It has been up on our mantle since the beginning of this month, will be included in my Halloween decorations...along with my pumpkin jar candle holders from last year and Halloween memory frame, then it will be surrounded by turkeys through Thanksgiving. 

Here are a few more favorite fall projects too...

Just Make Stuff

Thanks again to Eighteen25 for including me and I hope everyone has a wonderful fall season.

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