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Happy Monday, Eighteen25 Readers!
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I'm Kristyn from Lil' Luna, and I'm so happy to be here today to help kick off Spooktacular September. This is my FIFTH year participating and I'm ecstatic to do it once again because I love Jen, Jamie and Jodie! They are so uber-creative and I'm so glad to call them friends. :)
Last year I shared a Halloween Wreath, and as I thought about what to do this year I decided to do another wreath. The reason? I'm slightly obsessed with holiday wreaths and think they are so fun and simple to put together. There is also one that I've been dying to make since I spotted it in Woman's Day several years ago. It was a Candy Corn (another holiday item I'm slightly obsessed with) wreath that I wanted to embellish to make my own. Here is how it turned out:


I love how FESTIVE it is!! And despite having to glue candy corn for an hour, it was a very simple project to complete. I'm so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to display it in my home this Halloween season.

Here is what you'll need to make it too...


- Foam wreath
- Candy Corn
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- Fabric/Ribbon
- Frame
- Printables (available for download below)



1. Begin by prepping your fabric. I used black fabric that I cut about 1.5" thick and tore because I wanted the ends to be frayed. I used about 4 strips of this to cover the wreath and used a few more for the bow on top.


2. From there I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, hot gluing where I needed to, to make sure it stayed on.


3. Then I hot glued the candy corn on. Each side (the front, underside and insides) of the wreath had 4 rows of candy corns. I used 4 small bags from the store (generic store brand, although I prefer Brach's). This takes some time but is very easy to do. Make sure each row is going the opposite direction than the row of candy corns it's next to.


4. From there I made a bow out of the frayed fabric (you can use ribbon) and also tied some ribbon around the wreath to hold it up. I also attached some ribbon to the back of the frame that would be on top of the wreath, measuring to make sure the frame laid where I wanted it to be.

Halloween - Happy Halloween

Halloween - No Tricks, Just Treats

Halloween - Sorry, We are All out of Candy

5. Then, I printed out the printable and put it in my frame and put everything together.


Click on the image you want above and then RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE. Then open it up in a program like WORD, RE-SIZE it to what you want and then SAVE. Print and cut out. Put in your frame.

Hang your wreath and frame together. Add any extra ribbon or embellishments.


A simple but beautiful and festive Halloween Wreath!!





I love it! And I love that the frayed fabric added some extra string around it just to add a little more personality! ;)

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Come on over and say hi at Lil' Luna, and thank you for having me here today Jen, Jamie & Jodie!

XO - Kristyn

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