Our Friday Five | Jen Edition

01 | An oldie, but goodie.
This is an old post we put together about 2 years ago. I just re-visited it and there are some really fun ideas on there. Lots of great ideas on what to do with all those instagram pictures. Check it out HERE.

Take a minute a check out the brand new Mission Bound Shop. I absolutely love the story and purpose behind it. And of course I love the shirts too!

03 | Halloween...
I'm trying to be good and wait till at least September 1st to decorate for Halloween. BUT it's not easy. I'm loving this wreath Desi from The 36th Avenue made. It's just my Halloween Style! 

04 | Who's ready for Pumpkin Season?
I am and I'm not afraid to admit it. haha. Check out this Pumpkin Dump Cake from Live Laugh Rowe! YUMMY! 

05 | Instagram
I'm sure most of you already follow a laundry list of people and companies, but here are a few random feeds I enjoy.
Mark Bustos. Hair Artist who cuts the hair of the homeless in NYC.
Joanna Gaines. HGTV star of the show Fixer Upper.
 Lolly Jane Blog. Some of my favorite girls... rocking instagram right now!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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