Perler Bead Notebook Covers

The kids have been busy with the perler beads again. This time they whipped up these fun notebook covers in no time at all. The possibilities are endless with this project. You could do any design of your choice... hello kitty? teenage mutant ninja turtle? Just google it. I'm sure someone's done it before and you can use their's as a pattern.  
• Perler Beads
• Large Clear Pegboard
• Ironing Paper or Parchment Paper
• 3" x 5" Notebooks
• Tacky Glue

The girls chose to do a heart pattern and a fun chevron pattern for their notebooks. They started with a white border of 15 across and 24 down and then filled in with their design. After we ironed their works of art, we used a little tacky glue to adhere them to the backs (the backs were all white and looked a little nicer than the fronts) of the notebooks.
They are pretty darn cute if we do say so ourselves. :)
Have you made anything fun with perler beads this summer?

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