Kids Craft - Painters Tape Art

The kids LOVE when we pull out the paints and actually let them paint. We really can't blame them... painting is just FUN! This project was such a hit they are already asking if they can do it again!!

• 12x16 Canvas - We found these at Michaels - they were $12.99 for 5, be sure to use a coupon!
• Painter's Tape
• Paint - lots of colors
• Paint Brushes

• Apply your tape in the pattern of your choice
• Start painting. We tried to encourage them to start with the brush on the tape and to brush outwards. If you brush towards or into the tape you have more of a chance of the paint seeping under.

• If you love polka dots you can add some of those too with a foam pouncer.
• Once you are all done painting, remove your tape. It works best if the paint is still a little wet.

• Stand back and admire your piece of art!

The kids were so excited to see how they turned out. They were some proud little painters that day!

This project was originally shared at Design Dazzle's Summer Camp. Check out all the other great ideas HERE.

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