Bowling Bingo | Free Download

Are your kids like mine, where they get a little distracted by the vending machines and snack bars whenever they go bowling? This last time we went, we took along some Bowling Bingo cards to keep them focused on the game.

TO PLAY: Bring along some snacks to use as Bingo markers. We used M&M's (which kept magically disappearing). Each time a person bowls, place a marker on however many pins get knocked down. For example... if Max knocks down 5 pins on his first try, place a marker on one of the 5's. His next turn he gets a gutter ball (because he refuses to put the bumpers up) so you place a marker on a GUTTER space. Don't forget to place a marker on your FREE SPACE. The first one to get a BINGO wins!!
There are four different Bingo cards you can download. Each 8.5x11 sheet has two on it.


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