Our Friday Five | Jodie Edition

01|  Knitty Bitties Shop


Make sure to follow Knitty Bitties on Instagram for her #instasales.
She has some very, very cute things!
I'm thinking Teacher Appreciation Week?!

02|  Gold Leaf Eggs | A Pumpkin & a Princess

 Gold Leaf Easter Eggs
Aren't these eggs beautiful?
These eggs make me want to invite some girlfriends (and sisters)
 over for a yummy Easter Brunch.

03|  Girl's bedroom inspiration

Marin's Big Girl Room | Private Residence | Chandler, AZ
(Boho Chic girl's room by J+J Design Group)
I am having a hard time finishing my girls' room redo.
This room has my wheels turning....isn't it wonderful?!
I bought their headboards here and the room is painted.
Can't wait to finish it up!

Matt and I love going out! 
So, when something new in Vegas opens up...we can't wait to check it out. 
I loved the Linq!
And that big Ferris Wheel is called the High Roller.
And on the right is Sprinkles. Yum.

05| Kristen Bell - Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

I'm sure some of you are probably sick of hearing about Frozen?
This video of Kristen Bell (who is the voice of Anna) is so cool!
I just had to share!

What's on your agenda for this weekend?
We are on our way to Minnesota for a big 80th birthday!!

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