Hoppy Easter Bunny Glasses

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With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share with you an adorable and easy craft using just a few simple supplies!

I am such a fan of the glass milk jars that you see used in many of the party shoots. In fact, I was standing in Target just last week over hearing a mother and daughter chatting by the Starbucks frappuccino jars wondering out loud if those were the jars they had seen on the party blogs!  Yes!  They are!  Of course there are many different sites that sell clear milk jars, but in my stash you will find they are all frappuccino jars.  They are the perfect size for little hands and really make quite the statement on a table.
And, you can even "dress" them up!  A few months ago, my sweet friend Joy hosted a baby shower and had the brilliant idea of painting polka dots on the jar. I loved that idea and thought it would be fun to decorate my glass jars up with a little paint as well.
These cute jars are perfect for an Easter morning breakfast, a fun party or an afternoon snack!  I can promise you that you will make quite the impression on your little one with such a special drink container!
For this project you will need the following supplies:

Simply dip your q-tip in the paint and start creating polka dots on the glass.  They don't have to be perfect so just have fun!

Cut out your bunnies and carrots and place the bunny on the front of the container using double sided tape.

I used baker's twine to tie the carrot to my straw.

And there you have it!  ADORABLE bunny drink containers that are sure to make your Easter celebrations very HOPPY indeed!
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