Our Friday Five | Jamie Edition

aren't these so cute? and they're only $20 right now!!

''it's a small world'' Hawaii Singing Doll - 16''

02 | Mr. Muscle Man
he's 8. recently started wrestling. loves milk and is our pickiest eater. 

not only do i agree with what these printables say, but i think the colors and fonts are sooo fun too.

Free Cookie Tin Printables for Christmas

04 | Reindeer Games Invites
such a fun idea.

Reindeer Games Night Invitations | Oh Happy Day!

05 | Holiday Cookie Baking/Decorating
i haven't done nearly as much baking as i would like to have done by now. this looks yummy and fun for all.

R7 Holiday Cookie Decorating Station 5

What's on your list this week?


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