Baby Handprint Ornament

Our favorite ornaments every year are the ones we can talk our kids into making with us and the fun handmade ones that they bring home from school. (thank you to all the teachers that make ornaments with your students!!)  With all of our kids in school except 9 month old Baby Posie... we decided to make a Baby Handprint Ornament.... perfect for her 1st Christmas!

• material
• embroidery hoop
• acrylic paint
• extra helping hands :)

This project is pretty self explanatory, but we'll give you a few tips that we learned along the way.
• put a sheet of paper under the material you are going to use because the paint will bleed through
• pour some paint on a paper plate and then use a brush to spread it to the size of your baby's hand
• take your cute baby's hand and "dip it" in your paint
• hold their hand over your material until they open their hand up and then quickly stamp their handprint
• with help from someone else, push down softly on their fingers and palm to make sure it all touches
• then have someone hold the material down while someone else lifts the hand up
• once dry center the material in the hoop and trim the edges
• just hot glue the edges down along the back of the hoop
It may take a couple tries and it's a little messy, but Miss Posie actually loved it.  And we now have the sweetest little keepsake ornament to enjoy year after year.
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