Festive Mason Jars

Festive Mason Jars | Cosmo Cricket

Hi everyone, I'm Julie Comstock, the Creative Director for Cosmo Cricket. I have the very lucky job of designing Cosmo Cricket's product line and the even luckier opportunity to be a guest here today. I can't wait to show you how to use a couple of the things I've developed.

So gather your supplies and let's have some fun. You'll need these things along with some wide mouth mason jars, sea salt, paper cutting tools, LED candles and a 4x42" fabric strip or silk flowers.

 Cosmo Cricket products

Add sparkle to your mason jars by cutting our Adhesive Glitter Sheets with press paper punches (not squeeze types), paper trimmers, cutting machines or just scissors. Then peel and stick.

There will be absolutely no stray glitter mess. These sparkles stay put!

 Glittered Mason Jar Votive | Cosmo Cricket

Fill your jar partway with sea salt and place an LED candle inside. To add your flower to the top, you can use a purchased silk poinsettia by taking it off the stem and removing the center stamen, or you can make a flower with a strip of fabric and the Gluber's adhesive circles. (You can see a clip of me demoing these flowers HERE.)

 Making Fabric Strip | Cosmo Cricket

Making Fabric Flower | Cosmo Cricket

Whichever method you choose, just remove the knob from your Show Topper lid by unscrewing it. Place the flower on top and then re-thread the screw.

 Mason Jar Votive | Cosmo Cricket

I used a clip top lid for my third votive so that I could show off a fun Christmas picture as part of my centerpiece.

 Christmas Mason Jar Votive | Cosmo Cricket

All that's left to do now is lower the lights, cue the Christmas music and enjoy the season!

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