Ghostly Halloween Tree

We are excited to introduce one of our newest Creative Team Members.... April from House by Hoff. April's blog is a breath of fresh air and we are excited to share a little of that over here each month!

What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?
You look boo-tiful tonight!
{Sorry, I googled ghost jokes, and that was the funniest one I could find...}
Hi eighteen25 readers!
I'm April, from House by Hoff, and I'm here to share my Ghostly Halloween Tree with you today! 
I live in northern Indiana with my (almost) two-year-old daughter and husband, Mr. Hoff. 
I teach reading to elementary school kids by day and blog about decorating, crafting, diy projects, and photography by night, (as soon as my little one goes to sleep)!
To say I'm excited to be here, guest posting at eighteen25, would be a complete understatement

I read and am inspired by this blog every single day!
When it comes to Halloween decorating, I'm going the "not-so-scary" route this year. 
My daughter loves ghosts.  She thinks they're funny and cute, and, frankly, I don't have the heart to tell her that they're supposed to be scary.
These are the supplies I used for my Ghostly Halloween Tree:
Here's how I made my not-so-scary ghosts:

1.  Cut pieces of gauze into approximately 3"x3" squares and place a small craft pom pom in the middle.
2.  Cinch little ghost up with a piece of thin, black ribbon.
3.  Hot glue googly eyes to my ghost.
4.  Cut a small paper clip in half, stick it into the ghost, and secured it with some hot glue.

The word beads were made by simply stringing letter beads onto twine.  To see my tutorial for polka dot garland, click here.

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Have a great day! :)
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