Halloween Skull Wreath


Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about this season from the excess candy corn decorations to the kids desperately changing their costume selection at the last minute! (Heh, maybe not so much that last one.)

There's something about Halloween that makes people want to be crafty. Maybe it's because the decorations aren't up for very long and most people don't want to drop a ton of money with Christmas looming in the distance? Either way, you can definitely get your craft on with this super easy Halloween Skull Wreath tutorial!


Probably the hardest part of this entire project will be finding the skulls. I found these awesome black glittered skulls at The Dollar Tree, but the supplies were limited so I suggest running over there now! After you've found your skulls just take a large piece of sturdy wire and poke through the heads until they're all strung up.


Form the wreath shape and loop wires to connect. Don't worry too much about the space where you bent the wires, the ribbon you use to hang the wreath will cover it.


Add a bit of hot glue to the back to prevent the skulls from rotating on the wire. Don't put too much or it'll leak through to the front. All that's left to do is add your ribbon and hang!



The skulls at The Dollar Tree had little lights in them which made for a fun nighttime wreath that the kids absolutely adored. Hope you enjoy making your own Halloween Skull Wreath! Let me know if you have any questions!


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