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Hi everyone! I'm Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life® - and I'm delighted to pop over here and join the party on Eighteen25's blog. Thanks for having me! In my line of work, I have a tagline that is infused in everything I do which is: Cultivate a good life and record it.

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And I believe we're all on that quest. We're all trying to do the best we can in life with what we're given. Along the way, most of us take pictures. That's our way of documenting life and recording our story. And I'm right there with you. I take lots of pictures! Problem is ... it's very easy to feel completely overwhelmed by the thousands of pictures that end up getting stuck on our computers or phones or facebook accounts.

I relate to that 100%, which is why I developed the very solution-based, easy-peasy, super fun system that we know as Project Life. It's simple. You pair your photos with the pre-designed, pre-cut journaling cards, slip them all into Photo Pocket Pages that are already divided to those sizes, and ... BAM! That's it. That's how we put together a scrapbook with Project Life. No messy glues. No cutting necessary. No drawers full of expensive embellishments. Just your pictures and stories put together in a beautiful place.

And with this method of scrapbooking, Project Life results in albums (large or small) that you can hold in your hands and truly enjoy.

So that's what I do (for those of you new to my brand and products)! Sounds pretty cool, right? What's even cooler is seeing what I'm talking about with your own eyes. You can watch a very short 1:24 video overview of Project Life by visiting our website - BeckyHiggins.com.

Today what I'd like to share with you is how you can create a super fast, super easy, super adorable Halloween Mini Album! You know how every year you take cute pictures of your cute kids in their cute costumes? And ... you know how those pictures are kinda sorta still sitting around on your computer? This is something that you can pull together really easily so that your family can really ENJOY the Halloween memories and traditions over the years!


{ what you need }

Project Life® Mini Album in the color of your choice: Midnight seems particularly appropriate for this project, right? But certainly we have other colors available if you prefer. They're all on Amazon, and we also have some in stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other large and small craft retailers. Note: We're right in the middle of a transition on the back-end of Amazon, so if the product doesn't show as available right now, just check back in a couple days because that's all getting straightened up now. : )

Project Life® Themed Cards: Specifically I'm talking about the pack of Halloween cards. This can be found in stores and soon, on Amazon. These are already designed & cut & even have rounded corners - just as you see them in all the pictures below.

Your photos: Depending on how many years in a row you've been "celebrating" Halloween and taking pictures of these holiday traditions ... I recommend doing a two-page layout per year. For example, this sample album shows the Chandler family since 2007, and there is a layout to represent each Halloween, every year since. My friend Jen will add a quick layout after the Halloween festivities this year, and continue to carry on the tradition of this Mini Album each year. How easy is that!?

Pen: Yes, I want you to jot down a few notes and memories to go along with the pictures. That's part of the story-telling. Involve your kids in the writing if they're old enough! If you're looking for an excellent pen, I'm pretty biased but the Project Life Journaling Pens are pretty much the bomb.com and you can find those on Amazon and in stores. This is our 3-pack of black pens with a few different point sizes, and this is our 18-pack (which I tap into every single day, for real)!

That's it! You don't need fancy tools or stickers or gadgets of any kind. You won't have to learn creative techniques. Just print your pictures, write your notes, and slide it all into the Mini Album.

Fun. Easy. Quick. And ... DONE! Oh - and this album will probably be your family's new favorite thing in the house. Just sayin'.










I'd love to have you visit my blog for more inspiration on cultivating a good life and recording it. And I have a lot of fun sharing inspiration via social media too, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Choose facebook or twitter or instagram. I share the same content on each! Thanks again for having me, eighteen25.
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