[our friday five] jodie edition

our friday five

Belkin Orla Kiely iPhone 5 Case - Optic Stem Belkin Orla Kiely iPhone 5 Case - Optic Stem
i splurged today. 
 picked this up at target....i just couldn't resist.  
then, my car broke down. :)

ordered these beauties at a great discount and received a special gift in my inbox in return.  
thought that was pretty sweet!

03|  fun in the sun  

my father in law let the grandkids (and moms) spend a few days here to celebrate his birthday for him.
wished he could've been with us more but we had a great time!

04|  truman orthodontics

i did it.
i got braces (at 32).
if you are local, this is the place to straighten your grill...even if you're a tad older, like me.
i think there are 6 of us (an eighteen25er and offspring) currently in braces.

05|  the bachelorette

well shoot.  thoughts?

what's on your friday 5 this week?
are you getting kids ready to go back to school?


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