summer, summer summertime

let's take a little trip down memory lane today shall we?
jen, jodie + jamie

summers growing up in the 1825 house looked a little like this...

• starting a care bear club with the neighborhood kids
• turning the animal pens in our backyard into forts (jen was in the chicken coops because she had to collect club dues)
• visits to lake mead (with stops at KFC to pick up lunch)
• playing lawn darts at Grandma's and living to tell about it
• making whirlpools in the doughboy (until our dad brought home catfish and decided they needed to live in there)
• trips to disneyland and knott's berry farm (using a paper map and getting lost a time or two)
• water balloon volleyball in our backyard
• dance classes and musical comedies like grease and annie
bike riding around the neighborhood until the street lights came on
• enjoying suicide slurpees from the 7-11
• making chocolate chip cookies with grandma dee (and stealing stale marshmallows out of her baking drawer)
• cooking mud pies on the playhouse roof
• spending saturday's at the park watching the adults in our family play some serious softball

what were your favorite things to do during the summer as a child?

today we just want to encourage you to get out and have some fun
happy memory making this summer!!


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