hairy harry & harriet

 The temperature is well above 100 here in Vegas, so it's always nice to stay indoors and do a little crafting with the kids.

Today we want to share an idea that the kids can make and care for...  for the rest of the summer!
Let us introduce you to...

Hairy Harry and Hairy Harriet

aren't they so cute?
here's what you'll need to make your own:
• styrofoam cups
• potting soil
• seeds - we used hard red wheat sprouting seed from but I'm sure regular grass seed will do the trick
• googly eyes
• cardstock scraps
• glue dots or glue

• Start with your googly eyes and then add the rest of your face by cutting shapes out of the cardstock.
• Use the glue dots to attach everything.
• Fill your cup with potting soil and follow the directions for the seed that you use.
• Water and wait for the fun to begin!
• Once you have some "hair" - go ahead and style it. It won't be long before they'll need a haircut too!

(thank you to Mrs. York our rockstar preschool teacher many years ago for this fun idea)

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