Popsicle Stick Frames

We got together to let the kids make some jewelry/treasure boxes out of popsicle sticks the other day. But before we could even get to the boxes our plans took a right turn and we ended up somewhere even better. :)

Popsicle Sticks + Washi Tape = True Love

• regular or jumbo size popsicle sticks
• washi tape
• glue
• magnets

• roll out a strip of washi tape - sticky side up
• lay your popsicle stick on top and wrap the washi tape around the edges  
• wrap as many sticks as you want depending on how big you want your frame
• take 2 plain sticks and put a line of glue down them
• lay your decorated sticks across them in the opposite direction
• glue a magnet on the top center of the back of your frame
• once dry, decorate! - we used wallet sized pictures we printed at Costco
• you can glue, tape or use a push pin to attach your pictures
• use tacky glue to attach some wood chips

here's an even simpler version:
• decorate 4 sticks and glue them in a square fitting the picture you have
• glue or tape your picture to the back
• glue a magnet to the back

Hope you enjoy making them as much as we did!
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