Our Friday Five | Jen Edition

01 | I pretty much want to marry this woodgrain washi tape.
(even used it in a project... coming up next week!)
FF Rust Orange Woodgrain Washi
02 | If the washi tape won't marry me maybe this entry way will!!
 True love I tell ya!!
03 | I've been through these magazines about 10 times the past couple weeks.
Just in case you want to count down with me.... there's only 43 days till Spooktacular September!!
04 | I'm thinking about getting this shirt for my hubby.
I can't tell you how many times he's asked me this. :)
 Computer Geek Shirt - Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again Tee Shirt - Sizes Small-2XL  - IT Crowd
05 | Do you follow Disneyland on Instagram?
My Daughter-in-law just told me about this and I'm in love.  They feature other people's photos from Disneyland and each one is fantastic and makes my Disney-loving heart smile!!
[photo credit: hycontrastkid  •  hayleythehatter  •  keut  •  disneyphotos84 - click on their name to visit their instagram]


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