Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

We are so excited to introduce our first Creative Team Member to you guys. Nora from Just Make Stuff  is the only Creative Team member that we've had the opportunity to meet in real life and you will not believe how that came about. My sisters and I were in California in January for CHA and Nora went out of her way and took the time to drive to our hotel and bring us cold milk and the most delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. What? Who does that? Nora does. So, she's pretty dang awesome if you ask us!!


Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

I try out a lot of crafts. I've been scrapbooking for years, I love to make cards, wrap gifts, try to crochet and paint with watercolors...oh and cooking! I love to cook. And now, maybe, I can add outdoor projects to the crafting list. Although, I can only take credit for this crazy idea. My husband, Sean, did every bit of work.

In the last couple of months taking out a huge 20 year old tree turned into having two tons of gravel delivered to make another patio space in our backyard. Then we discussed building our own fire pit. We wanted to use bricks, but decided we needed a little more contrast with all that gray gravel.

And then I stood in the spray paint aisle for thirty minutes obsessing over colors...we walked out with five bright shades.

Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Sean primed and spray painted the bricks and then simply stacked the fire pit together. Easy as that. Until his dad mentioned he hoped we hadn't put gravel in the bottom because it can explode with the heat of the Sean carefully took each and every stone out of the bottom of the fire pit. If you build your own make sure not to use gravel in it...we made a base of sand instead.

Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

We lit it up for the first time this past weekend. My son, Mac, made the first official s'more from the flames. Hopefully it'll be just the beginning of many fun nights around the fire.

Just Make Stuff Blog...Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Thanks for letting me share this backyard "craft". If you want to keep track of any of my other crazy ideas you are welcome to visit my blog, Just Make Stuff.


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