Orange You Glad It's Summer

the countdown is on...
summer break is fast approaching

we have a sweet and simple end of the year gift that the kids
 can hand out to their friends and their teachers.

orange you glad it's summer?

• candy orange slices
• bags or a mason jar
• orange you glad it's summer tags - download 4x6 HERE or 8.5x11 HERE
• mini clothespins
• glitter glue

putting them together:
• cover your clothespin with glitter glue and allow to dry
• fill your bags or mason jar with candy
• download, print and trim your tag. round the corners if you'd like
• use clothespins to attach the tags to the bags and some glue dots to attach it to a jar

everyone will get a kick out of these...
i mean who doesn't love a corny knock knock joke!?!  :)

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