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Hi Eighteen25 readers! My name is Tauni. I blog at SNAP! - a site where I can share social media tips, DIY and entertaining ideas. I also host a fun social media conference in the spring.

I am simply thrilled to be guest posting today. I love Spooktacular September and am honored to be a part of it this year...

Each year we kick off the Halloween season with a fun pumpkin themed dinner and a showing of The Great Pumpkin. I love to create a fun centerpiece for our pumpkin table and today I am going to show you how to make an orange slice pumpkin centerpiece.

Orange Slice Pumpkin Centerpiece

This is a really simple project that you could easily have your kids help out with...

Orange Slice Pumpkin

Orange Slice Pumpkin Supplies

Green curling ribbon
Orange slices
Round styrofoam ball
Orange tissue

Orange Slice Pumpkin Instructions

Orange Slice Pumpkin Centerpiece

Slice the bottom off the styrofoam ball so that it is flat and will sit well on a plate or the table.

Candy Pumpkin

I covered the foam ball with orange tissue, just in case there was any space in between the orange slices...I didn't want glaring white to be showing through.

I cut several toothpicks in half to attach the orange slices to the pumpkin (Tip - Notch your toothpicks with the scissors and then snap them in half. It creates a clean break and doesn't fly across the room.)

Candy Pumpkin

Stick the half toothpick into the foam and add the orange slices, slowly working your way around the base of the pumpkin.

candy pumpkin

candy pumpkin

Continue around the pumpkin, adding row upon row.

Candy Pumpkin

Finish by adding orange slices to the top.
I inserted a toothpick so that I could add the green curling ribbon (vine).

Candy Pumpkin

Such a fun centerpiece for a fun fall/Halloween dinner.

And, since we are celebrating something specific, I added a few fun picks to the top of our orange slice candy pumpkin centerpiece. Imagine the fun possibilities!

Having a pumpkin party of your own? You might want to share some of these little baby food jar pumpkins as favors...

Of course pumpkins are only a part of Halloween and with a house full of boys, things are usually a touch more "spooky." Here's one of my favorite projects - a fun skeleton wreath.

Thanks to ALL the fun Eighteen25 girls for having me over today!

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