Please Welcome: Chantelle from Sweet Sassy Studio

 I am so excited to be part of Halloween Spooktacular with the great girls at eighteen25!
I just love all the wonderful talent and ideas they have scared up for us!
I hope you enjoy this sweet and not so scary Halloween idea for kids. 
Monster cookies are a huge hit each year at our Halloween party out here on the prairies.  Monster cookies are a great all ages activity even those tricky teens enjoy!

 It is a good idea to have everything prepared in advance.  I do it all the night before I plan to do the activity.

To Do List:
1. Make sugar cookies shapes.  Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  I use a variety of  well washed shape cookie cutters from  son's play doh bin.  The teacher in me just has to sneak in a little learning!

2. Make icing. I use 1 cup of icing sugar, 1 egg white and few drops of lemon juice.  Add drips of water until you reach the consistency you desire.  A perfect amount for each squeeze bottle.

3. Eye Balls.  You can buy these pre-made (Wilton, I love you.)  Or you can make your own. 
See here for tutorial I did a while back.

 Now all you have to do is lay it out and let the kids create!


 Be creative!

 Be Scary!

If you were a teacher (or a teacher who is now a Mom and loves to sneak in learning any activity possible...) may group cookies according to number of eyes, colour or shape and ask your kids to tell you what is the same or different about the cookies you are about to eat. 

Or at snack time play a little guessing game.."I am thinking of eating the cookie with two eyes, and pink icing.  Which cookie do you think I am going to eat?"

Have a Monsterously Great Halloween!
Thanks for having me to the Ghouls at eighteen25!

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