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hello eighteen25 readers! my name is Kristie Burnett, and when i am not running around with my three kiddos, you can find me here: i am a makeup artist whose passion for all things artistic extends to blogging.
creating this post for eighteen25 has been a lot of fun. i racked my brain trying to think of a new DIY project that you all might enjoy (beauty related of course!) and came up with DIY Nail Appliques.
if you're anything like me, you have been on board the crafting train for a while. rub-on decals hit the scene a few years ago and they were a hit! since then, i have found myself looking at my stash of rub-on decals wondering, now what do i do with you?
recently we have seen a spike in the nail art trend and i realized rub-on decals make a perfect, inexpensive, and easy alternative to the $8-15 options found in stores. to DIY your own Nail Appliques, begin with a basecoat, topcoat, and polish color of your choice.
begin by applying your basecoat, followed by nail polish color:

choose your rub-on decal. my nails are pretty tiny so i stuck with some smaller designs. apply decal of your choice to nail:
rub decal with a popsicle stick to adhere to nail. after doing this a few times, i realized your polished nailbed is so smooth that just pressing firmly with your finger works just as well:
finish with a top coat to smooth the surface and add shine:

enjoy your easy, DIY Nail Appliques!

for more information, tips, tricks and trends on all things beauty related, please come check out my blog Blushing Basics.
thanks eighteen25!

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thank you so much kristie for sharing this fun nail art tutorial with us today. i'm going to go dig out all my old rub-ons i have stashed away. i know my daughter is going to LOVE this!!

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