kids valentine round-up

so are you making valentines this year?
we are. because it's just too fun not to....  and really it's kinda sad when you think about it... but there's only about 5-6 good years for kid's valentines and then they start to think they're way too old for them.

last year i talked my son into a mustache valentine. i just love a good photo valentine and it's a plus when you get to give your friends a fuzzy mustache to rock.
we are still working on the final "design" for this year's valentines. (that means we have no clue what we are doing) but there are plenty of great ideas around the web to get you inspired and lots of awesome printables that will make your job a lot easier!!

take a look at what we found...

valentine faces | blonde

blowing kisses your way... | the mother huddle
Blowing Kisses Your Way Handmade Valentine

lego star wars valentine | stitch / craft

love bug valentines | dandee designs

DIY peg doll valentines | crossing the bugger-dixon line

superstar valentines | the crafting chicks

you are a-MAZE-ing | no time to be bored

don't forget about our custom valentine photo cards

for instructions on how to add a fun dip go HERE

or really... does it get sweeter than this??
(who's cutie is this? i'm sad i can't get to your blog anymore)
Pinned Image

we also shared these fun custom candy bar wrappers last year

look how cute these mini ones are that shaela from yellow umbrella designs made

wanna see more? check out

click HERE to check out last years collection of great valentines

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