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Hi there Eighteen25 readers!
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I'm so EXCITED to be a part of Spooktacular September again.
Last year was so fun, and this year has been even MORE fun!

I've had Halloween on the brain since the beginning of summer, and have been dying to start busting out some new decor.

Last year, I showed you how to make a fun and simple 
Halloween Centerpiece.

This year, I am going to show you how to make an 
AWESOME Sign that is 

My inspiration was found from a piece at TJMaxx... loved it so much, that I wanted to do my own version:


-Wood or Cabinet Door
-Paint {I use Rustoleum spray paint}
-Sand Paper
-Oval Wood Pieces {mine are from Joann's}
-Scrapbook Paper
-Mod Podge
-Old Pics {below}
-Hot Glue Gun
-Mounting Tape

1. Begin by spray painting your board.  Let dry.
{I used a cabinet door that I got for free last year}

2. Cut your vinyl. 
I used the font Shelley Allegro, which can be downloaded HERE.
I also used Damask Dings for the ornamental vinyl, which can be downloaded HERE.
{Size will be dependent on the size of your oval wood and your board/cabinet door.}

3. While your board is still drying, paint the oval wood all around the edges and onto the middle. Let dry.

4. Trace ovals onto your choice of scrapbook paper. Cut out and mod podge to the center of your ovals.
{No worries, if it's not perfect because you will sand it off.}

5. Once dry, sand edges of your board as well as the edges of your oval wood.
{Sanding the paper on the wood will give it a fun, kinda old look.}

6. Print your Old Pics by clicking on the image and then clicking once more and then right-click and save.
These people are actually some of my hubby's descendants. 
{I have no idea who they are, but loved the OLD-look, clothes and everything else included in the pic - sorry ancestors!}
And do you recognize the boy pumpkin?
YUP - I used him last year and wanted to use him again this year - thanks to Matthew Mead.

7. Cut out your pics and add to your oval pieces using mounting tape for a little 3-D effect.

8. Print and Cut out your names {I used the font My Own Topher from Kevin and Amanda and printed at a size 36 font}, and fold on the edges and cut slits out of to make it look like an old banner. I also distressed the edges with an ink pad just for a cool effect.

9. Now you're ready to add everything to your board. Add your vinyl. Begin by hot gluing your oval pieces.  Then add your Name Banners under each oval piece.

Thanks again for having me awesome ladies!
It was a BLAST!
Be sure to come on over to Lil' Luna and drop a note.

XO - Kristyn

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WOW!! i LOVE it. 
thanks for sharing such a fun and original halloween decoration kristyn!!
head over to lil' luna and check out all the fun stuff kristyn has going on....  and be sure to check out all the great halloween posts while you are over there!!
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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