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to our amazing sponsors!
it was so nice to work with you
and even nicer
 to introduce you to our awesome readers!

megan or "ms. apple" as the delivery guy sometimes calls her (ha!) - is the creative force behind Brassy Apple and the I AM photo blog.

her Brassy Apple blog showcases her love and passion for sewing, fashion, DIY'ing, upcycling, refashioning, design and attempting to be a fun and cool mom! she likes to take things that might look hard and show how simply they can be created. she loves to help, teach and inspire others to create spaces, items and clothing/accessories that they love. 

head over to megan's blog and check out a few of her favorite posts...

decoupaged shoes
 see full post here.

girls 'tee"zer skirt
see full post here.

rockin' activities for your kids
see full post here.

stenciled pencil skirt
see full post here.

sweater pillows
see full post here.


if you are local and are looking for a way to make your halloween a little
extra spooky & fun
then, don't miss out on this...


jo totes

you know how we love Jo Totes!

if you are a photographer...
if you are always taking pictures...
okay, if you own a camera (or not)...
you need a Jo Totes bag!

and here's why...

Stay ladylike while protecting your equipment with vintage-inspired camera bags. Jo Totes are perfect for carrying your camera and an extra lens or two along with your purse items.

even the inside is fabulous!

be sure to stop by their website and pick out your bag today!!


 they are sisters-in-law, and best friends. between the two of them, there's nothing they won't try! 
they love to put their own spin on anything to make it their own. 

"pocket full of posies offers a unique pocket meal planning system that organizes life in the kitchen. our recipes are organized in a way to make grocery shopping easier, save time, save money and make meal planning stress free. on top of it all, our pockets are cute and our system is affordable!"


if you are looking for a way to make life easier when it comes to meal planning,
their system looks pretty perfect! 
  take a look at their video tutorial to learn how!"  


 patty schaffer is the owner of p.s. it's in the details.
if you have not been to her shop...go take a look!
i tell ya, it's a real pleasure seeing all she has created!

"As my shop's name mentions - I *love* details! Those tiny, awesome, little things that make you take a second look. That make you 'ooooo' and 'ahhhh'. I design and create items for scrapbooking, cardmaking, gift giving and home decor. I love to play with fabric and buttons, watercolors and oil pastels, sequins and beads. I try to keep the focus on 'paper' items in my store and incorporate those other fun things as little details. I am inspired by anything pretty and fun and colorful. I love eye candy! You may rest assured that anything offered for sale in my shop will be handmade, with love, by me. I fuss over every detail - from each individual item to its packaging. I want everything to be just right and for you to be more than pleased when you open your package. I want you to 'oooooo and ahhhh'!"



thanks again!
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