circle punch photo collage


One of our boys recently turned 6 and we thought it would be fun to do a photo collage using some favorite photos from the past 5 years.

what you'll need:

  • 16" square frame
  • 3" circle punch
  • double sided tape
  • 15 or 16 - 4x6 prints
  • black cardstock and patterned paper (optional)
what you'll do:
  • punch a 3" circle out of each of your photos

  • lay all of your photos out. mine went in order from youngest to oldest. 
  • leave about a 1/2" around the edges. (i just used the backside of the white paper that came in the frame)
  • once your circles are all laid out, start adhering them to the paper.
  • if you want to add some color... punch a circle out of the black cardstock, cut out two stars (one larger than the other) and adhere them all together.

this could also make a great gift for grandparents. just add multiple photos of each of the grandkids....
or how about a collection of photos from a recent vacation? the possibilities are endless!

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