the world's best tasting eggs

what are some of the things you love about Easter?
well if you are like me....
some of things you love are those yummy chocolate candies that come shaped like an egg!
in my opinion...
the world's best tasting eggs!!

i've made a cute little tag
that makes gift giving those tasty eggs super simple!

here's all you need to do...
using a half dozen egg carton, replace the blah eggs with 6 yummy eggs. tie your tag on with some twine and it's ready to go.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

other fun ideas...
use the tiered egg holder from target, purchase some white plastic eggs (found mine at hobby lobby) and put some cadbury eggs or other easter candy inside each egg.

just add the tag to a ready-to-go package of reese's eggs.

now...  go share some of the world's best tasting eggs!!

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