lucky, lucky girl

remember that giveaway we had?
you know the one for the 500 big ones to spend at Pier 1?
well they picked a winner this week.

and the girl you should be happy for... (or jealous like me... haha.)

Kristy aka... dave's wife.
and all it took was this little comment...

Dave'sWife@{thediaryofdaveswife} – (March 11, 2011 3:50 PM) 

Momma NEEDS a new Rug for her Family Room & Living Room! Or I would LOVE to have some New Patio Furniture. Sure Hope I Win! ♥ DavesWife

so after they told me who the winner was i ran over to her blog to check her out. :)
ya know what? she's got a dang cute blog herself!
feel free to head over and congratulate her!  or tell her how jealous you are like i did.

wanna know 1 more reason i was jealous...
oh... because she got to hang out with none other than miss ellie g!
some people have ALL the luck!  :)

congratulations Kristy... and we're looking forward to seeing Momma's new rug!!

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