{Giveaway} Stick Up Cup

ever have a brilliant idea and think....man, if i can get someone to make that...
life would be much more pleasant!

look at this cool idea!

magnetic cup stick up cup
i might actually get my kids to drink water (shoot, i might actually drink water)

think of all the reasons these stick up cups are brilliant...

  • Hangs on your fridge. No more searching for lost cups!
  • Variety of colors. Everyone can have their own cup!
  • Less dishes for Mom and Dad to wash!
  • Less waste is great for the environment!
  • Promote healthy diets! Drink more water, less sugary soda.
  • Kids love them! Fun for the whole family!
  • Always within reach of your children!
  • Dishwasher safe!

you want some?  
chances are good cause they want 4 winners!
and they're giving you a few ways to win!

to enter:
"like" Stick Up Cup on Facebook and leave them a comment

for additional entries:
+ visit their website and let us know how Stick Up Cup will help the most in your home.
+ subscribe to their YouTube channel

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Stick Up Cup is also giving all of our readers 10% off until the end of April... just enter code 1825.

Good Luck!!
Winners will be announced on Monday!!

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