My Job Chart

(man, doesn't that have a nice ring to it?)

well, that's what they do at my job chart.
in fact their mission is to...
 provide parents a website to help teach children the value of a dollar, how to work and be responsible, in a fun and positive way.

the idea is beyond brilliant...really!
and it's free!!!

here is what you do:

create a page for your family

click on assign jobs
(once you are in that window, you are able to select child, chore, reward, day, am/pm.)
i love that you can set up each child's account with chores that are specific to their age and abilities.

once you are all set up you're ready to roll.

i'm thinking cleaner home in no time...

i won't be repeating myself 1,000 times...

& the kids can feel independent + contribute to the family.

head on over to the website and browse a minute. 

take a look at the option of setting specific rewards.
a new toy/video game
they can shop on amazon...

they also have the option of  setting their money aside for savings
they can share with charities...
how cool is that?

oh... and when they finish their chores, you will be notified...
by text or email!!
(no, i'm not, right?)

so, now do you believe me when i say brilliant?
i bet you do!

want to learn more? watch this quick video! in fact show it to your kids. i bet they'll think it's fun to do chores with the help of my job chart!!

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