I'm so Lucky

everyone loves lucky charms, right?
here's a fun idea on how to share it...
just in time for the lucky holiday... St. Patrick's Day!

step one:
then print out how many you'll need.

step two:
fill some snack sized baggies with cereal.

step three:
cut a 5x7 peice of cardstock and then fold it in half.

step four:
staple the cardstock onto the bag.

step five:
adhere the topper to the front of the cardstock. i used double sided tape.
glue dots would work great too.

step six:
pass them out to your hungry kids, neighbors, friends and family.

now if your kids, neighbors, friends and family are really hungry...
just punch a hole in the corner of that topper...
use some cute ribbon... 
and tie it to a whole box of lucky charms!!
hope you're feeling lucky for someone!!

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